EN: The Rhythms of Resistance (RoR) Budapest is a drum crew, playing samba batucada as a political action. We are a part of a transnational anti-hierarchical anticapitalist, antisexist and antiracist network fighting for social and ecological justice.
We actively criticize and confront any form of domination, exploitation, discrimination or oppression and choose tactical frivolity and/or other forms of creative protest as a way to express our rage and indignation.
We are inviting all interested people who want to express their opinion and raise voice at various actions with the help of sound, movement and pink&silver clothes to join us.

Therefore we are making a beginner’s drum workhop at 7 p.m. on November 23 in the cellar of Auróra. Come and bring your friends.

HU: A Rhythms of Resistance Budapest egy samba batucada zenét játszó dobos csapat, mely a dobolást politikai demonstrációként használja.
Gyertek, lesz a nyitott kezdödö dobolás workshop november 23-n Auróraban.